To download the software, please go to the Download section. Once downloaded, install as normal for your platform.


Graphia runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems. To get the most out of Graphia we recommend a standalone graphics card, as opposed to one built into your computer’s motherboard. These are typically powered by Intel chipsets and generally speaking are the inferior option when it comes to rendering data.

Graphia will run on virtually all modern desktop hardware with small to medium sized graphs, and as such there is no minimum hardware requirement per se. However, lower end hardware may limit the amount of data that can be loaded, the size and speed at which a graph is rendered, and fluidity of user interactions. Graphia will take advantage of all available memory, multicore CPU technology, and any available graphics hardware, so to maximise the size of the data you can load, we recommend spending as much as your budget allows on the aforementioned areas.